Twilight Exotic



Somewhere far beyond the Milky Way, there are mysterious zones. In the midst of countless stars, planets, black holes and galaxies, past which flaming comets and meteors sweep past like high-speed trains, you can unexpectedly stumble upon an area of ​​extinct activity. Here radiation recedes, electromagnetic waves go out, galactic storms, stellar and cosmic wind subside.

Everything here "works" a little differently. It seems that reality is blurring, loses its clear outlines, acquiring softness and muffledness.

Where the "twilight ocean" meets the rest of the universe, the play of colors and light begins. Just now, the whole space was burning with bright lights, flaming, heating up. And so, in the twilight zone, this fire dies down. On its borders, it becomes pink, tender, like a fluffy domestic animal. The black, impenetrable darkness of space takes on calm dark blue shades, turning into a light enveloping blueness.

There are no meteorites or planets in their usual sense. Mysterious material objects - round, oval, oblong - float in the misty suspension of space. It seems that time itself is slowing down in this warm cosmic twilight.