Touch Reward



The best reward for any astronaut is a tour of this planet.

Space Switzerland is slightly smaller than Earth. Gravity on it is weaker, movement is easier. You can walk in giant strides, run ten miles, and not get out of breath. Jumping two meters is not a problem.

Breathe easily and freely at any point. The air is so clean that it can cause euphoria and mild hallucinations.

It is not necessary to eat and drink here. Energy - over the edge! Space tourists feed on emotions and impressions.

But, of course, the main thing that Space Switzerland is famous for is its healing landscapes. There is no medicine on the planet. Landscapes heal, calm the nervous system, restore the body after overload and injury. Light, shapes and colors heal.

If you sit for at least an hour in its thick blue grass, meditate on the green sky, just admire the perfectly round multicolored balls of clouds, enjoy the view of pink sand dunes, skip the warm pearl sand, swim in the water of orange geysers, you will find peace, strength, and longevity.


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