As if the whole space was covered with a haze. If you want to see something on the horizon, then you should try. Black-and-white fog paints reality in the same color. Just step on this earth and you will become gray yourself, and then you will merge with this milky air. There is a feeling that you are floating on this earth, breaking through a dense white veil. Thick streams of this matter block the path for the sun and only few people know if there is any sun at all in this place? ...

But the hope of seeing the light does not leave everyone, although some are already used to existing in this quiet and gloomy place, but it is not always like this.

Those who still believe and strive to see the light, they know that it is worth persevering forward. Having overcome yourself, it is already easier to overcome the insidious fog. An exciting feeling that your efforts are about to pay off. Another spurt and you got out of this viscous captivity, a little more... And as soon as it seems that you were able to defeat the main intoxicating force of this place, a new obstacle will appear on the path of every daredevil, which will lure him to where the white fog no longer has its power. To where the white fog will end, but there will be something else...

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