Stung by snakes



The pain usually seems to several stages. And it is clear - this is not the peak one but extremely close to it. A fever surges through the entire body, heralding suffering and hallucinations. Colors begin their frenzied dance inside the eyes, and it is impossible to get whether the world is always so broken, or whether this is such a sophisticated poison effect.

After a couple of moments, the body adapts a little to the new world order, but a new pulse of a dying neuron with supersonic speed makes it clear that it was in vain.

A new round of the frightening dance of colors and shapes has begun, capturing not only the eyes, but also the brain. Surging lava turns to the water surface of unknown planets, spots of viscous oil invite milky puddles to dance. Following the brain, the body dips into the waters of the Arctic ocean, but it does not meet with rejection. In contrast, it becomes evident that old feelings have remained on the other side of the bite, so it's worth enjoying this gray icy water.

A crazy mix of organisms generated by a sick imagination becomes cramped in a tiny skull, and they all jump away, continuing their celebration of life. It’s the celebration to what the owner of these biomes is not invited.