Spirits in the head


Evolution has done the impossible: a laser nanospectrograph that allows you to get an image of "spirits in the head". They appeared in people's heads at the age of 3, when they first lied. Right then, the child attracted the inhabitants of the planet of Chaos.

An alarm clock that moves 10 minutes ahead. A self-igniting cigarette that jumps into a mouth. A bottle of alcohol with car keys attached. The Forbidden Lovedoll. A TV remote control. A PC that blocks everything except games and videos. A wish list “BuyItNow”. A calendar with five days: Yesterday, Tomorrow, NotNow, Later, and MaybeOneDay. The Boss of the planet is called NotMe – a blurred mirror, painted with all the colors so that you can't see the reflection in it.

Three clubs ("Fear", “Desire", and "Addiction") are always open. There, the creatures come off to the fullest, dance, yell and laugh to tears, bragging about how much chaos they bring. They can be dealt with only by discipline, planning, awareness, and consistency.


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111250 Russia Moscow
Lefortovskiy val 9-104


+7 926 483 82 24

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