Spiders cannot harm people



In a distant galaxy, a civilization of neuro-spiders was born. They learned to travel through the universe without a body, as images, thoughts and pictures.

These creatures have forever abandoned aggression and have become wonderful symbionts for all sentient species. Some astronauts were "infected" with them deep in space. Since then, neurospiders have been moving around the galaxy, from time to time replenishing their collection of hosts and mastering new worlds.

By nature, the neurospider is unusually curious, peaceful, and friendly. Having found a creature with a developed nervous system, he settles into it, affects consciousness. At critical moments, it helps his companion, saves from nervous overload, reduces pain, suggests solutions.

In general, spiders are imprudent, have a sense of beauty and are not devoid of a kind of humor. In moments of peace and safety, they even entertain their master with magnificent, phantasmogoric paintings. Bright colorful lines, multi-colored bends, hooks, points. Blue, brown, scarlet, dark blue cobweb on a snow-white or grayish-steel background. Huge red and blue flowers from the planets that the neurospider once visited.

All this he will show you, bewitch and charm. Just for the opportunity to travel together.

Wait, wait. I think I can already see something ...

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