From the hot gases of comets, from ice and stone pieces of meteorites, from the debris of exploding stars, from all this cosmic junk, planets are born. Burn out, cool down, disillusioned. Sad and empty, they hang in the endless universe. They are waiting for an invitation to dance from a random gentleman - a new star.

The wait time is the Snowtime. Their fire will go out a little bit and completely. A little more and the feelings will go out. Close by is the snow and ice of mistrust, frostbite and loss of sensation, the frustration of the cold.

Such short millions of years will fly by and a lonely planet in anguish and depression, without waiting for a hot loving heart, will be completely covered with snow and ice.

In the meantime, only rare snow-white snowflakes arrive from the darkness of the night and melt on the planet's multicolored: pink, red, yellow dress. Only a few blue tears freeze on her face. A hot scarlet heart still burns and flames inside.

Heartless, windy, fickle stars! Hey you - pulsars, quasars, blue giants and red dwarfs! Don't leave the planet! They are waiting for you. Their expectation is the future cold and ice, the eternal whiteness of the snow and the insensibility of the ice! If you are late, you will never warm them up again!

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