Smooth Motion



Many people want to move without hurry and start living. Enjoying rare moments of mindfulness and relaxing meditations to the silence. After all, it is in these bright drops in the middle of the desert of everyday routine that the horizon of the visible expands, allowing you to clearly see the real essence of things. It is a young swimmer, concentrating on the surface of the water in a pool, or an experienced old samurai who catches the currents of light breeze to fuse with him.

But the main thought is exactly the same- to slow down, at least for this moment, investigate yourself and merge with the ocean of internal energy. And then, when all turns into one big magic mirror right decisions which are difficult to see when the slight ripple of the mind appears become visible. The feeling of calm allows you to breathe deeply, and the body seems to be immersed in soft feathery clouds, where it gains strength for the next day, which a person will get through with ease and with a smile on the face.


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