Rusty Transform



Long ago, all civilizations agreed not to litter space. Each has accumulated armies of used robots. They were taken to a lifeless planet ...

Before that, they explored worlds, drowned in swamps and burned up in volcanoes. The solar wind carried them away from the Galaxy, the radiation pierced through and through.
And then - they became unnecessary ...

This planet was called Rusty. There were multi-colored acid rains, there was no atmosphere, all living things had died long ago.

It wasn't easy.
A ruthless reddish-brown beast covered with rust. Like leprosy, it appeared on surfaces with a brown or yellow dot. It grew, devoured every metal detail ... Huge pinkish-black, red, brown and brown rust flowers bloomed on the robots. The metal was covered with a winding web of cracks. There was no escape.

But something still worked for these "sick" unfortunate creatures. Their artificial intelligence helped.

They had a deal. New corrosion inhibitors have been invented. They organized a colony, began to repair each other. Cleanse the planet.

So, for the first time in the history of the Universe, artificial beings have created a world suitable for life. The blue sky has cleared over the planet. And in Space, a civilization of robots appeared.

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