Relaxing Collection



Finally! The long-awaited recharging after work. Peering into the intertwining bright threads on the opaque haze of the portal. Your eyes create a tunnel through which your soul and body totally fly away to the Relaxing Galaxy.

Images only can convey this absolute, fascinating pleasure! Exploding with millions of flaming suns inside, it gives liberation, lightness, and peace. Your skin feels the warm waves, breeze, and sun. Euphoria. Nirvana.

The Carnival of colors is more beautiful and brighter than ever. Here, the haze hides the personal Paradise of the portal owner, the most magnificent resort ever. Here, in the limitless freedom, the wildest fantasies are reality.

Millions of colored sparks of the brightest radiance fill you with delight. You merge with the whirlwind of a dream coming true. The fresh air straightens your shoulders. Eyes are filled with tears, and heart - with Love. This is the best place in the world, the Planet of Beauty, the Universe of Inspiration and Happiness!

New year:

Relaxing Collection

New animated drop

In 2022, expect the start of sales of new animated items.
I plan to add at least 30 HD videos mp4 60fps.

The first week the price will be 0.05Eth. After - 0.1Eth.

Holders will receive one gift for each purchase.

Wishes are accepted in Discord.


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