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As a child, most of all he loved to rummage through the old things of his grandfather - a famous oceanologist.

Among the shabby maps, an old MP-3 player, a smartphone on an antediluvian Android, he found this amazing shell. Blue on the outside, it was soft white on the inside and seemed to illuminate everything around with a dazzling light.

He dreamed of finding an ocean in which such beauty was born. For this I became an oceanologist. In vain I explored the terrestrial seas. Only for the sake of a dream escaped into Space. I saw the underground ocean of Enceladus, the diamond oceans of Neptune and Uranus, visited Jupiter and Ceres, but even where there was water, there was no life...

As soon as he saw Kepler-62e - this ocean planet, a joyful foreboding seized him. This is where his sink is from!

This entire ocean-planet shimmered in all shades from pale lilac to deep purple. The water was teeming with life! Amazing creatures, similar to sea urchins, only the size of a basketball, ascended to the surface: bright red, yellow, red-brown and green.

On the stones near the shore, "his" shells shimmered in different colors: lemon-yellow, mustard, milky-white.

And at the very edge of the water, its cherished shell shone with all shades of blue!

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