Photo Trophy


Click. A moment. A snapshot. The universe of flashbulbs consists of hundreds of trillions of frames. Life is like a second. Eternity is like bliss.

Sometimes a playful wind comes and mixes up pictures, moments, images; intertwines one fate with another; laughs, whistles, experiments... In one second, everything changes: what was now - fades away, falls into the abyss of dreams and memories; and the old, forgotten is resurrected by the bright fiery plumage of the Phoenix bird.

Black-and-white, color, completely new and almost erased frames fill, give an understanding that everything is going on as usual, everything is right, and the system of the unfading universe helps everyone who has comprehended and realized its laws


Photo Trophy

Orbit around a strangely shaped planet.
A face emerges from an indefinite void.

- Hello human!

-!? A person experiences heterogeneous experiences, The face is strange, asymmetrical. One half, as it were, does not exist at all. The nose is slightly feline-like. The mouth exists separately.

Various strange appendages stick out all over the place and resemble peculiar antennae. From under the eye hangs a massive process, seemingly optical.

The man is dumbfounded, but quickly comes to his senses. he has a backpack behind him, a large camera in his trembling hands.

- Who are you?

The creature is not surprised by the question, looks at itself with all its organs. The ocular sprout pokes into the eye, the antennae rotate, the nostrils make a strange movement towards each other, as if exhaling with some and inhaling with others.

The creature finishes introspection and makes a strange sound. At the same time, space changes its scale, a person hangs in space, the planet goes behind the face and, as it were, sounds through the creature's mouth.

The man is dumbfounded, but does not show it. He is probably an experienced traveler and is used to communicating with various deities.

- Very nice. My name is ... .. The name sounds as clear as possible, it is clear that he is trying.

- What are you doing here? The face speaks in a pleasant, low, serene voice, as mountains or oak trees speak in cartoons.

- I am taking photos. This is how I point the lens and shoot. Shows.

The creature looks with interest, the antennas are tuned, the eye process looks in.

The camera flies to the creature, magically, not paying attention to the fact that it was hanging on a belt around the photographer's neck.

- Interesting thing .. What is it here? White balance? How unusual ..

A person suddenly realizes that he is no longer hanging in space, but standing on something invisible, clearly trying to maintain balance. The space around him subtly changes in shades. The creature aims the camera at the person and carefully captures the frame.

Something happens to a person that cannot be expressed in words. The creature looks at the monitor with pleasure and takes an image for itself, sucking it in through its mouth in some fantastic way, and tastes it. The world, which is still behind him, comes into joyful movement.

- Thanks. He gives the person the camera and watches with interest how he comes to his senses.

- You don't have to come to your senses. Take a group photo of us first.

A person aims the camera, twists something there, presses buttons, moves in small steps - obviously he adjusts somehow.

The world is moving too. Other creatures arrive, lining up synchronously as in the picture #T45

The photographer takes a picture...


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