To begin with, they removed the quartz and overclocked the processor. Thirty seconds remained before overheating. During this time, they managed everything. We rebooted the program, shut down the cooling system. We loaded locations, rendered textures. They synchronized the global network. Everything began to move, accelerated, became distinct. Neural networks "started to move". Gamers rubbed their hands with pleasure. People did not understand what awaited them.

"Magic!", "Trillions of calculations!", "This is fantastic!" - responded the Internet.

Nobody noticed the main thing. The planet began to heat up, heat up, the temperature was relentlessly creeping up. The oceans were evaporating. Unable to withstand the stress and accelerating to the limit, the ball went out of orbit. Making incredible pirouettes, the fireball rushed into outer space. From the outside, he looked like a burning fireball - pink, red, orange, snow-white in the hottest places. Burnt out, it was indicated by black marks.

On a distant space station, the two grinned and shook hands.

They had no practical purpose. No revenge, no ransom, no power. They just wanted to see the whole world rolling into the abyss.

In thirty seconds, they enjoyed this spectacle in full.

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