Organic nature



From the Milky Way Species Directory:
"... meanwhile, in planetary systems, where the conditions for the emergence and existence of biological life, to a greater or lesser extent, corresponded to terrestrial ones, an extraordinary variety of forms and species of flora and fauna has developed."

Life on the planet Argus is in its infancy. Of biological species, individual cells or protozoa are most often found. The presence of water presupposes the further development of life according to the terrestrial type. In the proto-ocean, which covers Argus by almost 100 percent, there are creatures capable of causing both horror and tenderness. Due to plankton, the water here is always of different colors: blue, yellow, orange, red or gray. New, just emerging, biological species feed on primitive creatures and algae. If a person happened to be in this ocean, he would inevitably die even on its surface. Carnivorous creatures of numerous configurations and colors: gray, bright yellow, blue and pink stick around their prey with long tentacles and suck out nutrients from it. At the same time, they sweetly wink at the hypnotized victim with numerous eyes and smile in all their mouths. Colored dots, straight lines and shapes are just the digestive organs..


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