Music Movement



The expedition was just lucky.
For three galaxies from Earth, they got a respite.
The first pilot displayed an image of the planet on the monitor. Shrouded in an atmosphere like a blue haze, the light green planet made unexpected, but not chaotic movements around its star. There was a rhythm in her movements.

The leader of the expedition was from Jamaica and understood a thing or two. He turned on Raggae...
The effect was amazing! The crew relaxed for two days.
To the accompaniment of Raggae, new views opened up, which brought peace to the soul, gave friendliness, fun and relaxation. Fatigue and stress receded, the astronauts had fun and sang ...

The surface was shaking, as if in a single rhythm. The wind whistled these melodies, blue-blue waves splashed with music, brown-yellow striped hills, like Rastaman hats, rose and fell. The bright green stems of the giant plants bent and straightened in the wind in a Raggae dance. Huge multicolored birds swirled against the backdrop of pink sunrises and sunsets.

The planet did not just move to the music, it was Music.

They flew away. The planet was receding, gradually turning into a small tender salad flag of Jamaica.

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