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Space wanderers are born, live and die in interstellar space. Their homeland is space, their home is the Galaxy, their body is an electromagnetic wave, a jelly-like light spot, a clot and an unexpected sound. They know that even Eternity is finite, but it’s easy to live in war. And even more so to death.

Advanced civilizations hide their necropolises in the Universe. An astronaut who has flown into these areas will not guess that he is in a kind of cemetery. And all because the wanderers understand death as a transition to a new state, inaccessible in physical reality.

But all sorts of "memory sticks" are quite real. These can be voice recordings, photographs, videos, a portrait of the deceased, and even a saved body. The main thing is that the "dead man" does not seem sad.

These phantoms cannot scare anyone. Their task is to preserve the memory and amuse the living. Therefore, on the space churchyard, multicolored skulls whirl between the bright stars, funny teeth chattering and howling pink ghosts, blue, green and red mummies fly by. Here you will not find a gloomy shadow. She will laugh, rotate her empty eye sockets and try to hug any stranger. And then, having played enough, it will spread into a salad, yellow or purple spot, gently envelop and tell a good tale.

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