Mosaic penguin



Only four years have passed since the universe began to collapse. But this was enough for all space "debris", including the old decommissioned ships, nicknamed "penguins", dragged to the center of the crater.

They flew, accelerating and heating in flight. Hot with cosmic speeds, they changed their colors. As they receded, their lights shimmered, became brighter, then dimmer, merged with each other. A multi-colored glow lit up in space. Yellow, purple, red, blue, green, cyan twisted to the center of the funnel. This majestic picture resembled a giant kaleidoscope. In the flight of ships, outlandish mosaic canvases were created and destroyed, constantly changing each other.

The intelligent civilizations remaining in the Galaxy watched the unfolding color apocalypse in amazement, admiration, delight and dismay. This movement was called "flight of mosaic penguins". Millions of scientists from all inhabited worlds have studied this phenomenon. Space tourists traveled closer to the center of events.

Never before in billions of years of stellar history has not a single intelligent creature been present or witnessed a spectacle of such proportions.


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