Since the old Cosmos retired, a modern, young, energetic and slightly aggressive Universe has become the president of the company.

According to old memory and special permission, he was issued a special id card and when he comes under the windows of the headquarters, he whistles.

The Universe, observing the dress code, descends to him in a strict and dark business suit and they go for a walk together.

From the side it is funny to watch this unusual couple. Since he retired, he changed his idea of ​​beauty. Now the Cosmos does not care about the outside, its clothes are dusty, slightly dented, torn in many places. He sews up the holes with colored patches - scarlet, purple, bright green, orange. The fabric was sewn carelessly - tousled threads stick out from everywhere. He loves to cling to his jacket all the awards that he has ever received. Exotic huge polygonal multi-colored orders on his chest look like tea saucers. All in all, a typical urban madman.

He calls it "passing on experience to the young." Why she needs it, she does not know herself.

Together they walk around the neighborhood, he picks up the fallen stars and hangs them in place, stops. She is patiently waiting ... They are talking.