Invincible Entity



The cosmos is still blazing. Still flying apart. The incandescent matter is still striving to expand. Extremely high temperatures color the resulting substance in hundreds and thousands of shades of colors. The void is filled with spots of flame, yellow and scarlet flashes, burning green and blue gas, pink, barely heated, areas and rare white cooled pieces.

It may seem that this multicolored world has always been. And it will be forever. But this is not the case. Matter is absorbed.

Ruthless janitors are already gathering at the edges of galaxies. Numerous predators have already appeared. Blue fishes devour their star food. The black-gray octopus has entwined with its tentacles a warm nebula turning pink like a mussel. Scorching scarlet dragons grappled with blue ones. Demons with long black, blue, white spears and hooks torment the flesh of the pampered worlds.

Universe! You were born! You have appeared! And you have sinned - you have blossomed, colored, flamed! But the essence of darkness is invincible! The cleaners don't stop working. They will extinguish you, grind you into powder, devour you, cleanse sinful colors to primordial blackness and disappear on their own.

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