From underwater



The Lifedrop Planet looks like a big drop of crystal clear water. It is drinkable and embraces you like a warm summer sea. All the plants and living beings enjoying its gentle touches are filled with life, health, unprecedented peace, and tranquility.

On this planet of eternal life, youth and summer, time flows differently. Water fills with vitality, and you never are hungry. It seems that you breathe with your whole skin through the waves, like sea inhabitants. You can freeze and look through the depths, without blinking, up or into the distance, without choking, being able to swim, in safety, like in a mother's womb.

You can swim through the planet, you can go around. Its worlds are fascinating! The endless beauty and variety of immortal plants, unfading flowers, eternal stones, and creatures, the mesmerizing perfection of the sun's rays, the rainy sky, stars, and the moon from under the water can only be described by paintings, or recalled in dreams.

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