The Academy flag fluttered over the lawn. The future astronauts were in the ranks.

There is one thing ahead - the last test of luck. They called it the Wheel of Fortune...
Everyone was chosen by the planet ...

He entered. Put on augmented reality glasses.
Galaxies swam around in a giant ring. The movement continued to accelerate until the stars, planetary systems, comets, asteroids, satellites and fireballs merged into a huge multicolored wheel. The movement circled and disturbed. Still would! It depended on him on which planet the graduate would spend the next 10 years. Maybe full of life and bright colors. With rivers and blue oceans, green forests, huge purple, pink and yellow flowers, cyclopean, black and scarlet intelligent butterflies and friendly blue-toothed aborigines. Or maybe it was a decade to sit alone on a base surrounded by a force field, fighting off predatory jelly-like green monsters. Or - to spend time alone in the world of a four-year hopeless graphite night. Or freeze in the dazzling blue and white ice.

The wheel was spinning...
He almost passed out when it stopped and a mechanical voice said, "Your destination is Space Marine Headquarters. Planet Earth."

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