Fat Collection


Abundance. Fertility. Flourishing. Health and Wealth. The fullness and power of vital energy. Like a magnetic funnel, the burst of bright colors gravitates happiness and well-being from the Universe and radiates outward, into the space where it is.

Abundance is beautiful like women whose beauty is immortalized by the brilliant artists of the Middle Ages. The Universe is like the Mother of billions of children, supporting every one. The eagerness to fulfil the desires of its children overflows the Universe; it stretches the walls of visible space, imperceptible and transparent, sometimes thinned by the gaze of someone whose inner vision craves to melt this shell. When it happens, the abundance will fill them like Mother's milk fills the mouth of a child, in her loving, protecting embrace.

Saturation with the gifts of the Universe overwhelms us with triumph. Every live cell absorbs this energy, creating miracles. Each piece of this puzzle is a portal to the treasury of immense power.


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