Every living being is afraid of going into this unknown state. The sheep bleat in horror at the sight of a wolf. A samurai is afraid when doing hara-kiri. Just to see a body left behind by life, a carcass of an animal or bird, a withered plant is scary even for someone who is not guilty of this. So, what is Death?

The end of life or the transition from one state of matter to another? Or is it the “re-dressing” of souls into bodies? Does reincarnation exist, and is it necessary within the species?

Death has an infinite number of facets. There are more options for death than there are living beings in our world. Beautiful and scary. Planned and sudden. But, whatever it is, there’s no way back.

Where does the soul move? For an intangible, but an insurmountable wall of a parallel world? Transparent as glass and refractive reality, like a two-sided curved mirror that creates an endless portal of distortion? Which one can only go through for a short time in a dream?


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