Dusty Pink



You are alone in the universe. Totally alone. Defenseless. Only a thin wall separates you from the hostile environment. But you get used to danger. To loneliness - no. All that remains is to dream and indulge in memories...

Pink was lying to the side of the route. But when he saw her, he immediately changed course...

It was something of youth. The planet shone with the same tempting gray-pink, slightly pearl color, which was once ideally combined with black leather jackets, at night, wind in the face, the smell of gasoline and bikes. That girl's hair was the same pink. Casual, unforgettable sex at the gas station...

Having approached, he hovered over the planet, carefully examining it, trying not to miss the details. The impressions only intensified! Defenseless pink tenderness of lakes framed by coal-black shores! The ash color of extinct volcanoes! Metallic streaks of dry rivers, reminiscent of zippers on leather jackets! Swollen, like lips, pink during the day, snow caps on the tops of the mountains!

Symbiosis! A combination, a fusion of masculine and feminine, tender and hard, thin lines like guitar strings and pinkish mother-of-pearl spots!

But Infinity of the universe was ahead. And he flew on.


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