Dots party



Planets & Stars sometimes behave like humans. They are happy and sad, cry and laugh, make friends and scandal, fall in love and hate. They have their own hobbies. And entertainment.

In the afternoon, when no one sees them, on Friday evening, when people are resting after a week of work, they do not look up, but look at the bottom of the glass, the planets have fun. And they even throw parties. Dwarf planets have been particularly successful in this. This little thing comes off "to the fullest"!

There is always a reason. Supernova Born in a Neighboring Galaxy? Urgently congratulate the baby! Overgrown with a black hole? Let's celebrate! White dwarf retired? Everyone for gifts!

They are not "fools" to swell and gag to the point of losing their voice in karaoke.

Usually, those invited to the holiday gather in that very bar on the edge of the universe.

They dress up for the party. Put on the best and brightest. Sometimes, fancy dress.

Double stars like to pretend they are not together. He dances with a yellow dwarf, she dances with a blue gas giant. A supernova doesn't care what color it has. The main thing is to be in the spotlight and put yourself on Instargram. The red dwarf quickly gets drunk and falls off to sleep. Whites, using too much, darken and blacken.

At the end of the party, most fall asleep under the bar. A guest group of blue dwarfs breaks guitars ... Lonely couples are clamped in the corners ...

A curtain.


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