Digital Adjust



Numeric codes, numbers, signs… What could be stricter, more concise and more beautiful, at the same time? In the universe of mathematical algorithms, there is always a clear order, linearity and structure. All other worlds are completely subject to its rules and arrangements: they build their cyclicity, analyzing events, bring their own laws of creation of everything material and spiritual into a single order.

One and zero, plus and minus, yes and no: the binary codes of the entire universe originated on the lands of this universe. Like a magnet, it attracts streams of thoughts, words, stories and rearranges them into logical chains of sequences. The locals work hard: piece by piece, they sort out the chaos of incoming flows from other planets. Like beads, one by one, the atoms of events are sorted and re-strung on a thin thread of the unconscious, helping to understand their essence and what is happening.

And then - as a holiday! Explosive, juicy, bright finds are revealed to residents of other lands who have understood what previously seemed difficult and inaccessible: the extravaganza of pleasure, the euphoria of understanding, the bliss of awareness!