Dark thrill



From a guide to the universe.

When visiting the planet Dark Thrill, the space tourist is advised to:

1. Do not wear one-color clothing;
2. Don't dance;
3. Do not stand still;
4. Don't speak softly;
5. Do not speak loudly;
6. Don't sing;
7. Don't be silent ...

Caution: Possible respiratory failure and heart rhythm disturbances!

There is a truly exotic inhabited world 128 parsecs from Earth. The inhabitants of the planet Dark Thrill profess a strange and sinister philosophy of patchy incompleteness. Every completed action, every thoughtful thought, every definite answer and completed work of art, they consider a threat. No laws of nature and society are fully valid here. The force of gravity is prohibited. Dynamics excluded. Static is punishable. Therefore, you will never meet absolutely calm and absolutely agitated, sitting or walking, standing or dancing, talking or silent, floating or drowning. Advances in technology have allowed local settlers to strictly adhere to only one law - the principle of impermanence.

Their world is painted with incredible colors, but pure color is only a temporary, elusive phenomenon. Red always tends to dark crimson or dirty pink. Blue fades into a shade of thunderclouds or fades to pale blue. Green degenerates into marsh. In white there is an admixture of gray or blue.

The round one stretches into an oval or spreads out into a blot. A straight line is excluded. An isosceles triangle is excluded.

Here are all stories without an ending.

And all this is accompanied by a cacophony of a frustrated jazz orchestra.


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