Creatures from another Universe



Creatures from another Universe

They scattered all over the cosmos, like hot popcorn from the microwave scattering throughout the kitchen.

Identical, similar to colored balls. Who and when threw them with a generous hand into another Universe? No answer.

But the universe does not tolerate monotony. These "corn kernels" are parted, lost. Unity has disintegrated. There is no one else to "reflect". They just had to become different ...

Since then, creatures have been rushing about the worlds and star systems, trying to find their counterparts. They change shapes, colors and sizes. And nowhere do they find a "soul mate".

A huge burgundy flower, having met a purple fish or a blue-white tree on the next planet, flies away, not realizing that they are their own. The yellow cat will fight with the orange hare. And an elephant-like spider hanging in space will never share the juice of a multicolored flower with a yellow-brown aquatic dragon.

They rarely collide. Even less often, they find out. But when such a meeting takes place, the holiday begins. All gather. Powerful-winged giant camels soar skyward. Purple-green dolphin sharks paint patterns in orange oceans. Rainbow flowers and fruits are dancing ...