Cool Riders



The first time he raced his older brother's Honda. Snuggled into this dusty Texas, full of hope and youthful pride.

After the first race, he realized that he did not want to do anything else. Only speed and only adrenaline!

But riding motorcycles soon became boring. In addition to the constant need for adrenaline, he also possessed a natural curiosity. So he changed the motorcycle for a space racing car.

He was eager to feel a new drive, change impressions, to overcome new obstacles. The most experienced space racers were removed from the track when they found out that they would compete with him. They called him Adrenaline.

Although he did not always come first. It happened that he deliberately stopped in order to carefully consider new places in the Cosmos. It charged him with emotions ...

Leaving contrails, the competitors rushed past. And he watched everything ...

Pink or green sun over the planet. Splashing blue, waters of alien oceans. The green of the forests and the yellowness of the sand dunes. Bends of black and burgundy rivers. Multicolor meteor shower. Raging waves of brown protoplasm. These pictures fascinated, drove into a meditative state. They braked. At such moments, he understood that speed is not the main thing.