Bulging jaws



- Solid granites, basalts. What do you expect to find here, Professor Pleischner? - Samantha took off her spacesuit helmet and it became clear how hot she was - small beads of sweat appeared above her upper lip.

- In science, you shouldn't count on quick results, colleague. We are staying, the supervisor replied.

The assistant fell silent, considering what she had said. Is there gender discrimination in the professor's words?

Suddenly, the Martian soil near the excavation site began to shake. Then out of the pit, as if thrown out by a gigantic hand, flew out, broken in half, a tunneling robot.

Showered on the slopes of the quarry, fantastically terrible creatures rushed upstairs. One sight of them evoked a whole range of feelings. Each was slightly larger than a cat in size, but it was not a matter of size...

Red, green, pink. Gray, blue, purple... Similar to spiders, small crocodiles and bats at the same time. They rushed to the scientists gaping white bone jaws full of sharp sparkling teeth. They pulled the pink ropes of the tentacles, flapped their webbed marsh-colored wings...

- Get down! - shouted the recovered professor and pulled the control handle towards himself. The engines roared, the flyer took off into the red Martian sky...

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