The world of antimaterial welcomes each of its guests within a single most vivid memory of their life. A time-frozen picture of the second when you took a breath and every smallest cell of your body filled with a sense of supreme happiness at the thought of simply being alive.

Everyone visits this place sometimes. It seems to be far away and deep within, but the path to it is always should you only need it. Some guests come here for solace in the darkest hour, some - for guidance through the complexities of life. This simple, miniature world shows a different facet of itself to each visitor, new and old. And yet, it always offers the same experience - bright, warm, and everlasting joy, a fleeting moment of hope preserved for eternity.

Come, drown in the fluid happiness of this little universe. Just don’t stay for too long - too much of anything can quickly make it lose its naive charm. Rumor says a few poor souls who chose to rest here for a little longer than needed have since never left the universe of antimaterial.

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