Total Power



Only one in a thousand could feel this gift in his veins. When he woke up in the morning, he realized that everything around him was filled with incredible colors. The world was filled with a light and joy he had never known before.

What kind of magic, unknown to this world, had painted everything brightly? He did not know the answer, but he understood that now he was different.

All doors were open to him, and people were kinder than ever. Toward him walked the same man. Young, neat, stately, where did all this beauty come from?

"Oh, my friend, you are now one of us," came the beautiful sound from the young man's lips. "The power given to you will change the world.

A savior of souls, a healer, a hero of humanity. But all of that is for later. Right now he is only in a moment of realization.

The piercing bright light from the sun fell rays on his face. He realized that now not only was the world before his feet, but he was the master of destiny.

What was power capable of? Was it true that the power given by a miracle could change the world forever?