In the midst of star clusters, devices record sounds: quiet and loud, pulsating and lingering, jumping and merging. Together, they form a single melody: sometimes formidable, sometimes calm, polyphonic, but invariably beautiful.

Somewhere: now in the distance, now a grandiose symphony orchestra is playing. If you listen attentively, you will recognize the hoarse bass of the bassoon, muffled, as if in the distance, the thunder of the timpani, the lingering songs of the flute and French horn, the sharp sobs of violins, the brooding play of harps, the purity of sound and clarity of the piano. What great musicians give concerts in the soundless cosmic abyss?

The music is accompanied by a visual performance. Pictures live and die on the canvas of space - one is more majestic than the other. They stretch to infinity, get tangled in tangles, thin gold, pink and white threads break off. Bouquets of purple, red, blue and yellow flowers bloom. Blue twilight, followed by blue evening and black night. Red-yellow fiery tongues tremble in it. The maroon wheels of distant galaxies revolve to majestic hymns.

And as soon as one melody dies down and the colors fade, another comes to replace it. The minor is replaced by a major. Colors regain saturation and brightness.