This century, the intergalactic Space Fashion week takes place on the planet Orange Haze. Fashion designers and influencers have traveled here from all over the universe. Some of them had to travel billions of kilometers in order to please the hosts and guests of the event with the most exquisite masterpieces of the space fashion industry for one week. Models and fashion designers are shocked! After many years of anabiotic sleep, the participants of the show have to hastily put themselves in order!

The opening of the event, as usual, could not take place without a scandal! The Jupiterian model Navel, in protest against the infringement of the rights of the inhabitants of the constellation of Cancer, bared her orange-scarlet three-meter navel right on the red carpet. "Everyone has the right to a third claw!" she chanted. The progressive public is in shock! Cloud chameleons - representatives of Sirius, as a sign of indignation, began to actively change their colors from red to yellow, and then to dark blue.

Another fashionable flash mob was organized by the white stick insects of Saturn. They changed their density, became rectangles and dressed in red cryosuits!

And this is just the opening of the event! What awaits us ahead!