Diffusion Collection



For billions of years, Ceres revolved around the sun. No sound, no step, no smell, no color disturbed her loneliness. Until people appeared ... Ceres took and absorbed everything that uninvited guests brought to her. Their appearance became a holiday, an event that turned the calm flow of time.

Every step, every sound, every hair that fell from the head, every eyelash, a broken nail - everything went into action. A caked drop of blood or a transparent teardrop fed and gave life to the ancient planet.

Scraps of their thoughts, unfulfilled desires, their secret dreams and strange fantasies - this is what Ceres ate, this dreamed of.

But Ceres did not remain in debt and generously endowed the newcomers.

And they took with them not only the whitish dust on their boots. Not only brown clay in the pores of the skin. They got, imprinted on the retina, unprecedented landscapes. Lemon yellow sand dunes, bright scarlet sunsets and pearl pink sunrises, shine of blue-blue ice.

On their faces and palms, they carried her wet breath away. The moisture on their skin turned into tiny sparkling crystals that lit up their faces. Together with the memories, this radiance remained with them forever.


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